The Packs


Rucksacks: -


Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 14.40.36

Backpacks ready to hand out.

Rucksacks containing ‘Essentials’, also sleeping bags (we have just secured 36 of the afore mentioned items, but will always need essential stuff through the year)


We are currently sourcing the following items: –

Tracksuit bottoms (not jogging bottoms, as these have been reported as being difficult to wear under top layers & take forever to dry out once wet), jeans – sizes mainly 30 – 34 waist & 31 leg. Training shoes or boots sizes 8 – 12.


Rucksack Basic Contents: – warm top, Socks, Hat, Gloves, Scarf, Mini flask, Pot Noodle, Pot of Oats, Chocolate bar, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Roll On Deodorant, Hand Warmers & clean underwear. We provide the ‘Rough Sleepers Information & Map’ Lanyard courtesy of The Wellspring Stockport

Rucksack Contents A

The ‘Rough Sleepers’ Lanyard contains a map of Manchester City Centre along with points on the map where the Homeless can get help & support, including showers & medical treatment in times of need, when there is no-one else around to turn to.

Lanyard Info


Food Packs: -

Food Pack to go (1)              What Goes In a Food Pack              20150208_172250

These contain a juice drink, crisps, fresh fruit, a chocolate / cake bar (helps with energy levels), biscuits & sandwiches; sometimes chicken & stuffing, sometimes cheese & ham, sometimes corned beef; we like to offer a variety each week. We try to give as much nutrition in the packs as we can & have asked what would be preferred in them & tried to accommodate.

Pot Noodles are a big hit with the Homeless, any sealed food stuffs to be honest & drinks like Capri Sun, Lucozade Sport or small tins of soda etc but not tinned food, as this proves difficult to open, cook & consume. What we have had donated; tins of soup, beans etc get cooked by us & flasked up to serve on the night visits or to put towards making up hampers for the recently re-homed by Cristina Cornforth, or those who are struggling to make ends meet. The hamper below has been put together for a recently re-homed mother with 6 children: –

Food Hamper

The hamper contains tinned goods, packet stuffs, sauces, biscuits, chocolate, soups, pasta, drinks & other items to go towards making up meals. It may seem like basic items to most, but it’s a weeks shopping to others.

 Wish List: -

We have also set up a ‘Wish List’ on an online retail site, so instead of monetary donations (we are not a registered Charity & therefore are aiming to keep cash donations minimal), if people wish to help, they can choose from our wish list. All items listed (apart from rucksacks & sleeping bags) are all under £10.00 & do not necessarily need to be bought from the site, it is there to illustrate what items the Homeless are most needy of. All deliveries would come to the salon & the ‘donator’ contacted with receipt & thanks.








Coming soon: – we have been asked many by people, from outside the geographical boundary, if they can give a small donation, so we are in the process of setting up a secure ‘Donate via PayPal’ feature.