7th April 2015

Good evening / morning / afternoon (wherever you may be) :-)

WOW! An amazing, yet emotional night on the streets of Manchester last night (6th) ….. amazing at the fact that we came back almost empty handed from taking: –

25 food packs, 35 bottled drinks, 4 flasks of hot water (with 3 refills), over 30 cups of teas, coffee & soups given out, over 10 Pot Noodles & the same in Porridge Oats, along with 2 x 80ltr pulley bags

Clothing Bags

containing clothing! Only a few items came back (from those who asked last week, but we didn’t see tonight). Everything else, hoodies, tracky bottoms, jogging bottoms, t-shirts, boxer shorts, briefs, socks, hats, scarves & gloves, as well as trainers & boots, all went to the needy.

We feel so privileged to be able to help these people, even though there are other groups out there who do the same, and we can only do it thanks to the good hearted public out there who continuously donate clothing, foods, time & of course, those who like to give small donations of money to help, so a huge THANK YOU to all who help, in whatever way … donations, behind the scenes, those who like to remain anonymous & all who join us on the frontline each week :-)

This weeks needs seem to be mainly for boxer shorts & socks, as we seem to have provided the other items for now ……. but will continue to receive anything, as it builds up again for when needed …. remember, these people don’t have the access to laundry facilities like you & I  ……..

Emotional as yet again we saw many new faces, some of whom had absolutely nothing apart from what they were wearing & a plastic carrier bag. We came across one girl, who had been on the streets for just 2 weeks, had nowhere to go, had had her 2 year old taken into care until she was able to provide adequate accommodation & was very emotional at the kindness she was being shown. Her tears flowed at every item we passed over & she could not believe that she was getting this kind of attention from complete strangers who knew nothing about her, yet wanted to give her everything…. we will keep up-to-date with her well being & bring news as we have contact.

Thank you for reading our blog again …

Goodnight :-)

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