20th April 2015

Last night had a different feel to it than normal….

Firstly we had a new volunteer :-) with a van :-) which was really good, as we had a lot more to carry this week, having had rucksacks donated last Thursday.

Secondly, we visited the ‘Camp’ at the Town Hall, believing, from what we had been told, that this was a mass exercise with numerous tents & plenty of Homeless …. sadly this wasn’t to be. There were probably 3 maybe 4 tents & only a small presence (we were told later that tents & the like had been promised to the Homeless, should they choose to join in), sadly again, this was not the case……… However, we did provide those there with hot potato pie & flasks of soup, a large holdall full of clothing & bottles of water, then we moved on to our usual route ……..

Again, some new faces were seen along the route & there were some faces from usual spots, missing. We try to do what we can for those in need, including sourcing clothing requests, best we can & tell them we will have them the following week, yet the majority could not be found! It’s kind of, i dunno, a bit disheartening, when, after doing all you can to source requirements, some are not there to receive them. That’s when the hard decision has to be made …. “do i save them for next week, in case we see them then …. or do we give them to those who need them this week instead?” & maybe run the risk of letting those down who have requested them?

Now I know these people have to move around to get the best of life for themselves, and I appreciate that sometimes they have offer of accommodation, even if it’s for just 1 night, and have to take it, thus being the reason for the feeling of quandary tonight. We do hope that the ones we haven’t seen, have managed to find somewhere better, for the night at least, & that we may be able to somehow help them again another time, and we are happy to have been able to of helped some more who were in need, right then too. In the end though, we fed, clothed & watered the majority who we saw, and that can only be a good thing.

As Arkwright used to say …..

……..it’s been a funny old day ……

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