17th April 2015

WOW! All that can be said right now is WOW!!


A huge THANK YOU to The Wellspring at Stockport for their unbelievable generosity, in donating yet more rucksacks for us to take out to the needy :-)

I think in total I managed to get 49 (no more room in the car, but was offered as many as I could transport) & 98% of them with contents too.

20150416_105306     20150416_105358    20150416_105341


We had a good sort through them all & those which contained tins (not useful to those on the streets, as they have no means of opening or cooking them) we removed the tins from & put away ready to make up the hampers we give out to those who have just found accommodation, or those who have been nominated as they are struggling to make ends meet. Some rucksacks contained duplicate items so we were able to sort these too & make up the rucksacks with less equipment in them, to be better suited.

All done & split into groups … Men’s, Ladies & rucksacks only (for those who just need one for their belongings), the rest of the extra items, socks, gloves, hats etc, will be taken down on our weekly visits, and distributed to those who need them.

20150416_113509 20150416_132603

20150416_132608 20150416_132557


Once again, a massive thank you to Jonathon at The Wellspring for his generosity, without whom we couldn’t accomplish this part of our voluntary work.

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