30th March, 2015

I’m going to start with news that at the 11th hour, prior to us leaving for last nights visit, we had been generously donated a HUUUUUGE potato pie complete with crust that would easily feed a few dozen!

Pis (1)

(No, we haven’t been snaffling it ….  we started to divide it up into appropriate size pieces to fit into foil trays, ready to warm up later & realised it would be good to show the size of it – 20″ x 12″ !!!)

Alas we were already geared up for the visit & being last minute, could not accommodate the pie this time; however ….. we will be making another visit to the streets tonight ;-) so will ensure the pie is hot enough & is distributed amongst our grateful friends. :-)

Now then ……. yet another successful night on the streets of Manchester. Again some new faces (which isn’t good really) & yet some old faces not there again (we hope that they have been able to find some form of accommodation & shelter, if only temporary).

It has been a sad week on the streets as they have lost ‘one of their own’ & there was, understandably, a solemn air about them tonight. It has not yet been made public as to how or why this tragedy happened, only he was found in a pool of blood & rushed to hospital by the paramedics, but sadly died 45mins later. His family are trying to be contacted before any other news can be released. We feel for their loss as we had fed, watered & spoken to, this poor young lad a few times before on our visits. RIP friend.

Life goes on as we all know, but thoughts will remain, & memories will be made fond & frequent. It is because of tragedies like this that ourselves & other like minded groups, do what we can, to help these people, be it by feeding them, clothing them, finding some kind of help for them, or even just the everyday amazing basic act of listening to them.

Please see our ‘This Week’ page for information on what we have been asked to try & source this week to help them try to have a more comfortable lifestyle.

Should anyone wish to get involved or come & see for themselves, that these people really are just people & nothing less that the human beings that us & you are, then again, please get in touch via our ‘About Us’ page.


Many thanks,

Goodnight all.

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