29th March, 2015

All set ready to hit the streets of Manchester again tonight: –

24 Food Packs containing chicken & stuffin muffin (a favorite with the homeless), fresh fruit, chocolate, biscuits & a cereal bar.

28 Bottles / Cans of Soft Drinks

Extra bags of crisps (requested by some)

5 Large flasks of hot water, tea, coffee, sugar, soups & hot chocolate

95% of Clothing that was requested last week, we have managed to source, just a few items we are struggling to get our hands on (please see weekly requests page from Monday 30th March for a new list of requirements)

These are the clothing packs we have sourced & put together for them: –


We have also got a large holdall full of other items to give out if they are needed, thus enabling our Homeless to have a new set, or change of clothing for the week ahead.

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