23rd March 2015

Another successful night in Manchester last night. Not all the usual faces we normally see, but nevertheless we managed to hand out: –

24 well stocked food packs,

5 large flasks of hot water to produce tea, coffee, hot chocolate & soups with.

Clothing to most who had requested it last week (unfortunately, we did not see everybody from last week), and some to new faces we saw for the first time tonight.

We were lucky enough to have 2 teams available tonight, thus allowing us to cover a larger area than usual, with good results & plenty catered for. We also saw some really good acts of kindness from the general public towards the Homeless too :-)

Big shout out to CAFE NERO opposite Selfridges, who had a member of staff take hot drinks & snacks / cakes out to the guy outside.

Unfortunately, this guy was in need of medical attention due to immense swelling & inflammation of one of his hands, which was also very red & extremely hot to the touch. As we cannot administer treatment, we contacted a designated nurse for the Homeless, from the Urban Village Medical Practice, left the relevant information & she will attend tomorrow & administer the correct care required :-)

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